video, color, original sound composition

Shot in the woods of Western Finland, the deserts of New Mexico, and the Driftless Region of southwestern Wisconsin, and in conversation with the poetry of Julia de Burgos, the Kalevala, Ursula K. LeGuin’s Tehanu, and Clarice Lispector's Agua viva, this 'play within a play' presents a possible history of our planet in the next 500 years. This video serves as the prequel to the sci-fi video and performance works Echoes of a Tumbling Throne (Odas al fin de los tiempos) and BILONGO LILA: Nobody Dies in a Foretold War. In LA PREKUELA, a trusted set of rituals begin to fail. This failure leads to an unspecified undoing which gives way to the ‘digitally corrupted’ yet liberated earth in the Echoes and BILONGO works.