Underwater Moonlight (days of blood + milk), 2019

A clock of setting suns and rising moons
Sounds from within the cave
Take your baby down, sets the body free

Segment phrases observed, cut outs. 4 phases of the day, cycling over and over.

In no particular order: time, waiting, patience, birthing, body(ies), queerness, openness, closeness, daytime, nighttime, urges (own and not own), feminism(s), transits, psychedelic states, many things for which there are no words.

Underwater Moonlight (days of blood + milk), 2019 from Sofía Córdova on Vimeo.

Video, sound, animation, light design (written and recorded in collaboration with Matt Gonzalez Kirkland)

*Commissioned by SFMOMA's Open Space platform, Hope Mohr Dance's Bridge project and the Merce Cunningham Trust on the occasion of the Cunningham Centennial. Part of Signals from the West: Bay Area Artists In Conversation with Merce Cunningham at 100

**The ending of this video includes choreography from the piece Change of Address