Under the Influence of Love (2012) is the performance of the entire album, ChuCha Santamaria y Usted. Through the use of projections, special effects and multiple costume changes, the performance brings to the foreground the narrative of Puerto Rico's history under colonial rule and the journey to the United States under the weight of assumed identities and the bestowal of many more upon arriving in the US. The album starts with the 'discovery' of Puerto Rico in 1492 and ends in the far future with ChuCha's death (and in a nod to the other colonizer, catholicism, her subsequent resurrection) . This resurrection, done in the shows finale, Domingo de Gloria render ChuCha and the album as omnipresent receptacles for the history of Caribbean colonization and diaspora and their influence on immigrant-synthesized dance music (salsa, latin freestyle and disco among others).
The performance takes place in the installation, Baby, Remember My Name

Images Courtesy Carmen Winant