SOBRE/On, 3 part online performance commissioned by the San Jose Museum of Art, 2021

envelope, packet, on, about, resting atop
the opposite of OFF, indicating continuation of a movement or action.

This 3 part performance builds on self-inquiries/ talks with self over questions that have arisen while trying to push work during a pandemic, during an uprising, during 2 elections, while learning to be a parent. In wrestling with various aspects of all of those things and how they relate to my own Afroindigenous body/mind, I've found conflict too with the usually comfortable digital materials I use in my work, fighting them too. Springing forth from those formal battles and in light of my personal politic (and that of the work) set against the current moment and its attendant revolts(s) this series traipses/ crawls/ runs/walks through three areas of focus in no particular order: materiality, international Blackness, and "nature/wilderness”. Music/ odd noises/ odd pictures/accidents/ things akin to poems/ a baby cameo ✉️