NEGERLIEDER: “He pleads for an intensification of rhythm (Negro Rhythm)”, 2016
Work commissioned by Swissnex, Dock18 and Kunsthaus Zürich for Re:DADA an exhibition held for celebration of Dada's 100 year anniversary in 2016

In this photographic triptych, I wear masks modeled after Man Ray's photographs of women themselves wearing 'African' masks produced towards the end of Dada (Noire et Blanche), Hannah Hoch’s Ethnographic Museum collages and the self-portraits of Elsa von Freytag Loringhioven which showcased her ‘primitivist’ jewelry and her interest in ‘sauvage’ motifs. These works look to underline the movement's philosophical correlation between what Hugo Ball famously deemed “fool’s play sprung from nothing” and racial otherness.