Meltwater Pulse, 2016- present
An ongoing series of sculptures in taxidermy

Meltwater Pulse 1A, 2016-2018 (seen here with samples from FRUTA PRIETA (l) and World Map (r))
Rooster body (taxidermy), pheasant tail, wire, resin, oil paint, wood, steel pipe, sand, dried flowers, dried yagrumo leaf, black seamless

Meltwater Pulse 1c (Antes), 2018
TSA trays, scrap steel, scrap aluminum, pewter, hardware, plaster, driftwood

Meltwater Pulse 2c (Durante), 2018
scrap steel pipe piece, scrap steel rod, desicated fennel shot, scrap aluminum, hardware, dried flowers, plaster, dove skull

Meltwater Pulse 3c (Después), 2018
Scrap steel, hardware, tórtola aliblanca (white-winged dove) nest

Untitled (Jack), 2018
Scrap tire jack, scrap clothes hook, pewter

Untitled (Ola), 2018
Scrap metal, driftwood, tórtola aliblanca (white-winged dove) leg, tórtola aliblanca (white-winged dove) feathers