Low Down + Spread Wide, 2013

As part of SFMOMA's closing ceremonies, I, in collaboration with Matthew Kirkland created 'Low Down and Spread Wide', an improvised, indeterminate, 'conversation' between words and sound. The piece is made up off various spoken pop utterances gleaned from TV and Youtube which are then written out in scrap paper and tossed in a box and which I pulled at random during the performance. In this way I acted as a sort of medium, re-contextualizing the meaning of what often feel like superficial statements into a narrative revealing the fears and hopes of contemporary times as presented/ filtered through our popular media. Kirkland then responded with improvised musical loops to which I re-responded to with material pulled from the larger pool of texts building to a musical and lyrical crescendo.

This was a one time performance on June 2, 2013 at 12:30am.