GUILLOTINÆ WannaCry, Yellow: Break Room
3 channel video, color, original sound composition

What are relationships?
Meetings, gatherings, protests, secret cell, reading group
Changed by conditions, physical touch
Uprisings organized, announced by a psychic at the bottom of a ship
then and then and now
groups/ continuums
Arrests, improvised communities, shots fired

Lack of clarity
word over word
wound over wound
talking over one another
But we have! to.

Stephanie Hewett
alex cruse
Kevin Lo
Sofía Córdova

We dance/wrestle with historical revolution, antagonist/protagonist. An imagining of revolution too. Feeling around to create space for a shared new set of ______, to work on what a present- future of revolt(s) and fire might feel like. The rest and planting after too. Not to/for/from me but to /for/from all.

Famous faces or faces that need protection get blurred, gestures remain. There is no great man, there is no leader. There are meetings, long and sometimes boring and important. Sometimes it is quick.

Huey P Newton shows us his copy of Venceremos!

Choreography becomes clunky as we move around our individual importance towards one anothers'. We are working out how to do and feel it in our heavily burdened bodies. Distinct positions, reality TV, Rich and Fanon and dudes on YouTube.

It might be obtuse but I hope we meet.